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About beYoureyeS

beYoureyeS is a charitable organization to aid those who are visually impaired. Launched in January 2015 Shanghai, China. Our charity works to couple visually impaired runners with volunteers to participate together in running training events and races.

Whether a visually impaired runner or unimpaired runner, all of our participants are called "Lanjingling".
Lanjingling conveys the spirit of our concept: our charity caters to a variety of sports, road running, swimming, cycling and triathlon, to list a few.  With us, regardless of the physical impairment, those who wish to participate in a race, are able to.


We hope to see you soon on the track and let's do something together for sports accessibility.




"We hope that whilst we're in the competition together,

we may all converge our energy as one to make each and all strong,
We hope that whilst doing sports together,

we are able to find the nerve to be strong enough to face challenges head on."



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